About Us

The District offers a number of natural resources programs and services, including technical assistance for farmers and landowners, environmental education programs. The District’s programming efforts focus mainly on two programs: the Agricultural Environmental Management Program (AEM), and the Community Environmental Management Program (CEM). The AEM Program is a voluntary program that helps farmers identify potential environmental concerns on their farms and implement solutions. The CEM Program targets community involvement in natural resources planning. Each of these program areas are made up of several individual program components. For more detailed information, check out our Programs here.

Sorry, but we are not offering a Tree & seedling sale this year:

Our Mission:

To provide leadership in the development, wise use and management of soil, water and related resources in a way that will restore, enhance, protect and maintain their quality and quantity for the benefit of Oneida County and its residents.

All trees and shrubs sold are bare root and are to be used for effective conservation practices such as windbreaks, soil erosion, etc. and will not be planted for ornamental purposes. Trees and shrubs will not be removed with roots attached for resale. Tree sales have ended for 2012. Please look for next year’s information in February 2013.

Oneida County SWCD STAFF:

Kevin L. Lewis, Executive Director
Eileen J. Lavier, Secretary
JoAnne Humphreys, Water Quality Specialist
Tim Wimmer, Resource Conservation Specialist, AEM
Kristen Bossard, Agronomist
Don Lynch, P.E.