These are some of the services we offer:

  • Agricultural Value Assessments
  • Technical Information
  • Soils Information and Digital Maps

Agricultural Value Assessments
The Oneida County SWCD is completing soil group worksheets for agricultural landowners in Oneida County. Landowners who complete the soil group worksheets may be eligible for tax reductions based on the quality of their soils. In order to be eligible for this program a landowner must meet the following criteria:

  • Must own at least 10 acres of agricultural land
  • Must have owned the farm for at least two years
  • Gross profits from each of the past two years must be at least $10,000

Agricultural landowners are eligible for this program if they operate a farm on the land or if they rent the land to another farmer. Landowners only need to know their parcel identification number (xxx.000-x-x) and the approximate total parcel acreage. If a landowner has sold a portion of a parcel that was receiving the agricultural tax reduction, the landowner should come to the SWCD office to obtain a revised soil group worksheet. The SWCD charges $0.20 per acre for new worksheets and $0.05 per acre for revised worksheets. Soil Group Worksheets are completed between December and March each year unless otherwise authorized by assessors.

Agricultural Assessment Questions and Answers

Technical Information
Do you need to know if a piece of land is subject to flooding? Wondering what crop yields you can expect from a farm you are considering purchasing or renting? Or what you can do to improve the environment? The District office has many resources ranging from technical publications and videos to soil information, topographic maps, aerial photographs, and federal and state wetland maps of the county. We maintain a library of information on numerous environmental topics, including agriculture, conservation, construction, forestry, recreation, soils, water, and wildlife. For more information regarding on any of these topics, stop in at the office or give us a call at 736-3334.

Soils Information and Digital Maps
The SWCD utilizes a Geographic Information System (GIS) in order to generate resource maps for your needs. The GIS is capable of producing color maps with soils information, state wetlands, aquifers, watershed boundaries, tax parcels, mid-1990s aerial imagery, street names, municipal boundaries, surficial geology, bedrock geology and topography. Just stop by the office, and we can develop a custom digital map to meet your needs.